What is AR?

Augmented reality is the ultimate way to show a huge amount of information… instantly.

Augmented reality works via a mobile app. Your customer or salesperson will open the app, then point their phone camera at either a flat surface, or printed image (business card, logo, brochure). This will trigger a 3D model to appear.

The 3D model is 'overlayed' in the real world. 

That 3D model can be completely interactive. ie; you can tap it with your finger to see it in exploded view (see components/parts), to rotate it, and to learn about the features.

For example; imagine if your entire product range could appear in 3D on all your business cards. 

mortarstudios augmentedreality.jpg

Why AR?

Augmented reality is, hands down THE most exciting way for customers to interact with your products & learn about your services.

As you know, it is often exciting experiences that make customers emotionally connect to your brand.

AR is a way for customers to interact with your products & characters like never before. It is the only way to overlay 3D objects into the customer’s real world — into their home.

You can’t do that with a website.

augmented reality mortar studios

How can AR help boost your sales?

It depends… what is the biggest bottleneck in your business?

  • AR can allow your reps to demonstrate big & complicated products very easily

  • AR can reduce time in product training for staff & customers

  • AR can encourage up-selling & cross-selling across your range

  • AR can allow a customer to see your product in their home

  • AR can even allow you to show all of your products life size at a trade show


How are most companies using ar?

augmented reality characters

Characters come to life

Imagine your company mascot/character literally jumping out of your logos. Customers can interact with them, make them dance, position them on their coffee cup and take a photo!
You can even run a competition with your AR experience.

augmented reality training videos.jpg


Your training videos can instantly play on each page of your company brochures, product labels, and business cards.

You can even incorporate multiple choice questions & a score at the end.

augmented reality whisky bottle.JPG

Realistic virtual products

AR allows you to virtually place your product (large or small) in the real world.

Your product can instantly appear on a customer’s table at home, and your sales reps can present large & complex products more easily to prospects.


Want to try AR right now?

The only way to really understand augmented reality is to try it for yourself.

Simply download KookaburrAR from The App Store or Google Play, open the app, then point your phone camera at the koala.

kookaburrar website scanning image augmented reality.jpg

Want your own AR app?

Already have a brilliant idea for using AR to boost sales this year?

Give our team a call (02) 9971 4075 for an estimated budget & lead time, OR send your design brief to info@mortarstudios.com for an itemised quotation & consultation.