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Character Concept

Mortar Studios is currently employed to style and design some lead characters in AAA games as an outsourcing studio. Using digital medium, we are able to bring characters to life from 2D illustrations and rough sketches to finished, production ready 3D characters. As an artistic bunch, we excel at communicating our designs to clients using a variety of digital techniques.

Talk to us about your project - we offer a wide range of options to suit your timelines & industry.


Similar to the former, our 3D Character Artists specialize in creating highly realistic digital humans from scratch. The final characters are close to the point where they look like scanned models. We create highly optimized models that are suitable for both real-time and VFX productions. Using industry standard techniques, you can be rest-assured that our supplied assets will fit your 3D production pipeline.

Each project is unique, but most clients prefer that we rig these models in order to increase their production efficiency.


Our RnD department is constantly working on new solutions for rigging character. We can create 3D character rigs for both biped and quadruped models.

Using a combination of blend shapes / morph targets and joints, we create facial rigs that can produce realistic facial and lip-sync animations for feature film and AAA games.

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We are a full service production studio, and telling the story of your brand excites us. What better way to tell a complex story besides 3D Animation? If you already have an idea but you’re not sure how to express it, our animation experts can help you flesh out your animated videos.

We create highly polished 3D animations for game, film, documentaries, television, and web applications. We are masters of our craft … creation of your TVC, animated show, and branding material will be a streamlined & fun process!


Currently working with major 3D production companies around the world (including 3D scanning), we are able to create a wide range of hairstyles for both VFX and real-time characters. 3D scanning is one area our hairs play a major role in. We take the scanned heads of characters and apply hairs, eyebrows, eyelashes, and vellus hairs/peach fuzz. We supply the 3D scanned model back with a complete hair system, ready for production.

Hair creation and grooming can be a time-consuming task, and our 3D Character Artists excel at this. We create highly optimized hair cards that are also suitable for augmented reality and virtual reality app developers.


At Mortar Studios, we create exciting, immersive, and very engaging Augmented Reality experiences that can help you see a return on your investment. Our team is experienced at creating AR apps for marketing campaigns, brand products, health and fitness, and other business applications.

Using Augmented Reality, we can digitally overlay additional information about your brand like corporate videos and 3D animations onto your business cards, company logos, and even coffee & beer coasters.