Privacy Policy updated June 2018

This privacy policy explains the way all data, supplied content, and user information will be collected and used by Mortar Studios via our mobile applications and online services.

Please read this policy carefully, as by choosing to install our apps or using our online services, you have given your consent that you agree with all details outlined in this document. If you do not agree with our policies and practices outlined here, it is your right not to install our apps or access our online services.

When we refer to Mortar Studios in this policy, we are also referring to all licensors, subsidiaries, affiliates, or business partners that we have used to build, maintain, and deliver our apps & services to you the user. As such we recommend referring to their own privacy policies which shall apply to your choice to install the app, and how your information will be collected & handled by such third parties. It is your responsibility and choice to read such policies prior to agreeing to install our apps & access our services.

Updates to Policy:

This privacy policy may be updated in future without prior notification. The changes will be reflected in our apps & services. Please check the Privacy Policy section on The App Store and Google Play to confirm whether updates have been made.

Uploaded Content:

Mortar Studios does not control nor claim to control or take ownership of any 3D content or media uploaded by the user. As a consequence, Mortar Studios shall not be liable for any damages relating to such content, nor claim intellectual property rights on said content.

Mortar Studios owns all right, title, and interest in the intellectual property in the app development, all source codes and raw files.

You warrant that all provided content does not and will not breach or infringe any intellectual property rights, including copyright, right to privacy, or any other rights whatsoever of any third person. You further warrant that provided content will not be illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, or in any way injurious to third parties.


Mortar Studios in no event shall be liable for any incidental, indirect, or consequential damages in regard to but not limited to business interruption, loss of business profits, or any other pecuniary loss resulting from the use of, or inability to use aspects of the mobile application.

We make no warranties regarding our services, including their quality, reliability, security, compatibility and conditions. Mortar Studios is not to be considered a “publisher” of your content, we do not endorse your content, and will not be liable for any content used by you or anyone else. There are risks in using our services or anyone else’s services. You accept such risks. Some of our services are still in BETA, and may contain bugs or experience interruptions.

Data Collection & Use:

Mortar Studios may store, copy, and back-up data indefinitely on systems located in any country in which we do business, sharing anonymous data (including but not restricted to your IP Address, device ID, locations, and interactions) with trusted partners in order to enhance and provide our services to you.

In order to deliver the best experiences for our users, our systems log information relating to your hardware capabilities, and use technologies such as web beacons & cookies to identify information relevant to enhancing the user experience.

Primarily your anonymous data will be used for analytics purposes to help us understand how our site, services, and apps are used. Such uses enable Mortar Studios to facilitate new enhancements & improvements to our services, and relevant products to our users. Specific services related to the ongoing use of the application, such as Push Notifications, will require the collection of data related to your device (Phone number & IP Address, for example).

Your personal data will be collected upon your consent, via requests on the mobile app or via our services.  You may choose to refuse to supply such data, and uninstall the app at your discretion.

User’s personal & anonymous information may be made available to third parties in outstanding circumstances such as when Mortar Studios has belief it is required by law to protect our rights or property, or in the event of the sale, acquisition, liquidation or dissolution of Mortar Studios involving the sale of assets. We will make attempts to notify you should such circumstances occur.


Mortar Studios takes steps to secure your personal information against unauthorized access. However, no security method can be guaranteed to protect entirely from unauthorized (hacked) access, or human error. We take appropriate actions to prevent such circumstances, however we do not accept responsibility or liability for circumvention of your privacy settings or security measure contained on the app or our online services.

Our app & website may contain links to other services published by third parties. Mortar Studios has no control over the content & privacy policies of such services. As a consequence, should you choose to access such third party services/links, we hold no responsibility for the consequences that may ensue.

Your Consent:

By using the App or our services, you are consenting to our processing of your information, including the use of cookies and other tracking technology, as set out in this privacy statement.

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