3 Ways Retailers can increase Foot Traffic using Augmented Reality

Getting online traffic is awesome. Getting serious FOOT traffic is another story.

If you drive customers to your online store, doesn't that keep them out of your bricks & mortar establishments?

Your marketing efforts often need to be channeled in both directions.


Aren't these opposite directions?


You want to encourage 24hr sales online, AND create an enviable, enticing, and memorable retail experience...

... that, ironically, you hope your customers will share online!


Don't fret.

I haven't written this to just vent about the challenges of marketing to millennials (like me).


Here are 3 fun examples of how you can use a new technology to grow your online profile while encouraging customers into your retail stores:


1. Treasure Hunt: hidden gems only your phone can find

Remember hunting for Easter Eggs in the backyard? (before they melted)

Imagine if instead of tiny chocolate treats, you were hunting for a magical golden panda. You know she is hiding somewhere inside the department store.

Why a panda? ... because pandas are adorable.

Your phone guides you to her latest hiding place. Suddenly, she tumbles out of a virtual hole in the floor & performs a little dance. YOU have won 20% off anything in store today.


If you take a selfie with your new little panda friend, and share this with #pandasareawesome , you also win a free gift with purchase.

Encouraging shoppers with a novelty that is cute, financially rewarding, and perfect for social sharing, is an excellent way to leverage augmented reality.


2. Celebrity Appearance: meet your virtual heros


Imagine this,

Today at 2pm, Bruce Lee is going to be at the mall. He will burst through the glass wall near your favorite cafe, using his signature one-inch punch.

For the next hour you will be able to see him demonstrate all his super-human martial art moves...

AND he will demonstrate them at your request.

The coolest part is, when you take a selfie with him & show your Instafriends, you could win $20,000

Even if you don't win, you get a free coffee when you show the barista your awesome photo.

Whether it is a celebrity (living or no longer here), or your corporate characters, bringing them to life in a specific time & place is possible with augmented reality.


3. Another World: merging magic with reality

Augmented reality is just starting to take hold. Customers are still excited by the technology & can be persuaded by the novelty factor.

Speaking of pure novelty:

Why not make your shop floor an underwater wonderland? Sharks and rays swim under your feet, tropical fish move throughout the beautiful coral, and look! There's a treasure chest.


Tap the treasure chest to see what is inside. A prize? Coupon? Request for your email? ...the options are many for the retailer.


AR enables you to think big, without many boundaries.

You want the Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge on your shop floor

No worries.

How about an enormous love heart for Valentines day? What ever you imagine, augmented reality enables your customers to experience it, just by holding their smart phone.


I hope you enjoyed these 3 fun concepts.

Do you have some unique ideas for using AR in a retail environment?


If you are a retailer & want to discuss how to make these crazy ideas a reality, call our office today (02) 9971 4075

Katrina Okoronkwo