Just tell me... what is AR?


Let’s do a little crash course in this very special technology.

"AR" is a new buzzword in the media industry. Augmented reality brings the 3D world into the real world - your immediate world.


Imagine this…

Point your phone camera at a flat surface, then a life size motorcycle appears.

It looks real. You can tap it to change the paint colour, rev the engine, learn about it. Even take a selfie with it.

But… How?

AR works via a mobile app.

Your customer or salesperson will open your mobile app, then point their phone camera at either a flat surface, or printed image (business card, logo, brochure). This will trigger a 3D model to appear.

The 3D model is completely interactive.

Augmented reality icon trigger point.png

To see AR in action, take a look at the video here: Performix Experience


Great question. Tricky to give a single answer.

But here I go…

Augmented reality is, hands down THE most exciting way for customers to interact with your products & learn about your services.

As you know, it is often exciting experiences that make customers emotionally connect to your brand.

AR is a way for customers to interact with your products & characters like never before. It is the only way to overlay 3D objects into the customer’s real world — into their home.

You can’t do that with a website.

augmented reality whisky bottle.JPG

This technology can give buyers the additional experiences that encourage purchasing decisions. It is especially suited to large and complicated products.

The best part?

Customers are looking for new digital experiences more than ever… PLUS, many customers are keen to share their experiences online.


So, should you let your customers enjoy the AR experiences themselves… or will you use AR in all your showrooms? Or perhaps your outbound sales reps will use AR to present to prospects.

When you use AR is important, and forms part of your overall strategy for marketing your brand.

augmented reality mortar studios


This is a fun question to answer.

When your customer opens the app, what would you like them to see?

What will make their jaw drop?

If you’re a retailer check out a few fun examples here

If you want to generate a seriously unique & impressive idea, just ask our team to email you the free PDF “AR Creative Concept Kit

Katrina Okoronkwo