mortar studios Augmented Reality 01.jpg

MIRVAC Easter Bunny AR App

Hoppy the Easter bunny was created as the center of focus for an Augmented Reality app developed for MIRVAC. On scanning an image with the app, Hoppy was animated to take a peek out of his little hole in the ground, and then quickly jump out! It was a fun project to work on.

The app reacted to huge markers that were located in several shopping malls across Sydney. Users were presented with a life-sized Easter Bunny in augmented reality right in front of them.

Mortar Studios was responsible for creating the 3D character from scratch based on client's reference images and concept sketches. We also rigged and animated the finished character to be used in the app. 

The final FBX file was optimized for mobile apps, and exported to Unity3D in order to setup the materials and prepare the model for Augmented Reality.