If you can imagine it, we can create it.

3D Character creations is what drives us, and our 3D Character Artists cover all aspects of the 3D character design process, from concept illustrations to final 3D models. Your brand is your identity and we can create memorable 3D characters for your company mascot. We love creating 3D characters, and we work closely with clients to create a good first impression for you as you compete to stand out from the crowd.

Are you interested in cute and stylized characters, or are you after something more realistic and appealing, like a 3D version of yourself or CEO? We are here to help...we can create engaging characters that are suitable for mobile apps, games, TVCs, and film production.


Our team of 3D Artists can build anything in 3D, and we mean it when we say, if you can imagine it, we can create it.

Our confidence comes from the huge range of skills & creative talent of our 3D Artists. Talk to us about the options to make your project really special.

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Skills & Techniques


Character design for film, games, animation and commercials using both 2D and 3D techniques

  • 2D sketches

  • 3D Sculpting and rendering

  • Orthographic views


  • Detailed high resolution 3D sculpting, ideal for 3D printing, films, games, cinematic, etc

Clothing and Textile

  • Realistic fabric draping

  • Clothes creation from real-world sewing patterns

  • Fabric weathering, scratches and tears


High resolution models for film, cinematic, animation and commercials

  • Clean topology modeling and sculpting

  • Texture painting

  • UV mapping

  • PBR textures and shading

  • Morph target animations


  • Low and mid poly models

  • Sculpting and Retopology

  • UV Mapping

  • Texture Painting

  • Baking Maps

  • Realtime rendering and shading

  • Morph Targets / Blend Shapes with Wrinkle Maps

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