Augmented Reality is expected to have 1 billion users by 2020

Don't miss the wave. Customers are always looking for exciting, new experiences.  Get ahead of the market by launching an AR campaign this year.


Performix Experience

The goal of the Performix Experience app was to aid in the launch of Performix’s new line of fitness products (SST v2X, ION v2X, Supermalt v2X, and ISO v2X).

Life-sized markers were placed in GMC stores in New York and users were given discount coupons whenever the life-sized markers were scanned with the app.

Imagine your products appearing on a 3D carousel... customers simply tap the product to learn more! 


Axalta Interactive

The Axalta Interactive augmented reality app features a realistic 3D avatar of Axalta’s managing director, created from supplied photographs of his front and side profiles. The app enables customers to overlay exciting 3D animations, with buttons that lead them to information about Axalta’s online presence.

The 3D avatar modeled after the real person is then animated based on real-life mannerisms seen in supplied video by the client.

The app works by users scanning the Axalta Interactive logo... imagine if your company logo could trigger a 3D person or character!



The KookaburrAR augmented reality app was developed over a period of 6 months, with the intention of enabling business owners to add more information to their cards using the technology of augmented reality.

KookaburrAR augments a video playback on a business card and has tap-able buttons that customers can use to open a website, download a document, and even automatically call the business without manually dialing their number.

This is an example of AR making your print media extremely content rich.


Cards Interactive

Cards Interactive is a free augmented reality app developed to be used as a fun app during the Christmas season. The app sports two cute, dancing, iconic Aussie animals -- the koala and frilled lizard.

In 2016 Cards Interactive was used by schools all around Australia as a new fund-raising tool.

Imagine impressing your customers with greeting cards that literally come to life! Your character or logo can appear in 3D on your existing or new printed media.


Augmented Reality can be your secret weapon to stand out in the market.

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